Folio Used Presses  
Used Heidelberg SM102-2 Offset Press for sale, Year:1988
1/2-color Folio Press
Total 76
4-color Folio
Total 247
Used Heidelberg CD102-5+LX printing machine Year: 2000
5-color Folio
Total 90
Used ManRoland R706 offset press for sale Year:1996
6/6+ color Folio Press
Total 63
  Quarto Used Presses
Used komori L226 printer for sale year: 1997
1/2-color Quarto Press
Total 45
4-color Quarto Press
Total 130
used printing equipment komori L528 for sale year:2003
5-color Quarto Press
Total 29
Used Komori L628+LX+UV press for sale age:2000
6/6+ color Quarto Press
Total 10
  Sixmo Used Presses  
Used Heidelberg GTO52-2 printing machine for sale age :1993
1/2-color Sixmo Press
Total 16
Heidelberg sm52-4 four-color printing press year:2010
4-color Sixmo Press
Total 42
used printing press Heidelberg SM52-5+L for sale year:1999
5/5+ color Sixmo Press
Total 11
Mitsubishi four-color printing presses, 112-color in year:1986
Small Full-size
Total 11
  Full-size Used Presses
Used Roland R804-6 four colors year of 1984 for sale
2-color Full-size Press
KBA162-4 full-size printing equipment year 1992
4-color Full-size Press
Total 49
used printing equipment Roland R805-6-L printer sales, factory year; 1986
5-color Full-size Press
Total 16
Used large size Roland R806-5W 6-color Full-size press For Sale
6/6+ color Full-size Press
Total 14
  The other machine  
Published 2006 original Heidelberg CTP machine
CTP & Pre-press equipment
Total 5
Used Mitsubishi 4+4 Used Commercial web offset presses for sale
Commercial offset presses
Total 1
Used Goss web press for sale 2+2 787mm
Newspapers offset presses
Total 1
Used label printing press for sale year of 1999;
Sticker printing machine
Total 1
  The other machine
Used 6 colors Full Automatically Gravure Printing Press for sale year of 1998
Gravure printing
Total 1
Used Screen printing machine for sale year of 2010
Silk printing machine
Total 1
Used Nilpeter FBZ4200 9 colours Flexo printing machine for sale
Flexographic Press
Total 1
Total 4
  Used Packaging Equipment
KGM 140cm reel paper paper machine in 2000 1994 second-hand Paula 115 paper cutter
Rotary Sheeter
Total 2
Total 7
Total 3
Die Cutting

Total 12
Automatic Laminating Machine Taiwan arrange 880 automatic hook sticky box machine 2004 Corrugated board producing line Han jiang brand Automatic compound film machine of year 2005
Total 1
Automatic Gluing
Total 3
Packaging Line

Total 1
Total 2
  Used Binding Machinery
Used Martini 3212 book sewing machine for sale 95 martini type 335 riding long nails 6+1 1993 martini binding linkage line 23 clip 18 along the waste
Total 5
Book Sewers
Total 2
Saddle Stitchers
Total 2
Perfect Binding
Total 4
Used Kolbus Das36 Automatic case making machine; VBF Casing-in line Used Wohlenberg Three Knife Trimmer for sale Used Automatic flyleaf sticking machine
Case Making
Total 3
Cover Binding
Total 1

Total 2
Total 1
  Accessories & Consumables Centre
Spare parts Heidelberg Man Roland Komori Mitsubishi KBA
Offset consumables      
Plus Alcohol Fountain...     Ink clearer     UV Ink clearer     Under-packing Paper/Film     Blanket Renewer     Blanket     Ductor Foil     Super blue     Spray Adhesive     Deletion Pens     PS Positive gum     Spray Powder     Single/Double Side...     Plates cleaner     
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